Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Journey

Aidan was born on September 4, 2011. He was born at 21 weeks and 1 day. He was born sleeping. He was born with his angel wings.

At 5:38 p.m. our world shifted. But, truly our story started September 30, 2006. The day Evan and I met. We spent five years together. We lived together, went on trips, got engaged, and got married. We watched as our loved ones became parents. And then on May 26th in the most unexpected of ways we learned it was our turn. Our family was literally growing. Once the shock wore off the excitement grew. And then it really grew when we learned our little one would be Aidan Thomas. He would be brave and make us proud. He would be the most perfect little boy. Because he was ours.

And then we had to give him back much to soon. We don't know why or for what reason yet but, God needed our Angel with him. And so our family has grown. We are now three, but we miss him. He is not lost. We know where he is. Our tears are for all of the hopes and dreams we will never get to live out here. Our tears are because we have been thrown into a new normal. Our tears are because we made the ultimate sacrifice. We live each day without our child in our arms.

We cannot be protected from the pain. No one can stop it. We must endure and just get through it. You cannot make it worse. The worst thing in the world already happened. All we can ask if for your love, prayers and faith. Faith in us, faith in God and faith that one day we will see Aidan again.

As Aidan's mom I made a decision when I realized we would be parted. I made the decision that he will never be forgotten. He will never be the tragedy that struck our family. He will forever be our little boy. Our first born. His legacy will leave its own mark. His footprints no matter how tiny are perfect and they will leave their lasting mark. On our hearts, on the hearts of so many, on the world. Because on Aidan's wings...hope flies.

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