Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rick's Legacy

Authentic, genuine, honest, grace-filled, loving. There are so many words we could use to describe Rick Meadows. To me, these are his testament, his true witness. Over the years, he has laughed, told stories, hugged, encouraged and cried some of the most honest tears with my family.

His smile is my earliest memory as a little girl new to CUMC. His hugs got me through my teenage years and he was one of the few people who accepted our changing family and loved us through the transition without judgement. With time we became friends and I enjoyed all of his stories. Some of my favorites were in his office as Evan and I prepared to be married. I am so thankful to have our ceremony on video, the glint in his eye as he read our letters has never been forgotten.

But perhaps the greatest love he shared with me was that week in September of 2011. The prayer on speakerphone at the hospital was exactly what we as a family needed. His tear stained smile as he met us at the door of Moore's. The thoughtfulness that went into sharing the basin that Mary Elizabeth had been baptized with and the words that have carried me each and every day. The act of baptizing Aidan alone. The hugs and tears as we prepared for the services. The fact that he stood up next to that tiny casket with such grace and composure, says everything about him. The hugs that have since followed and the "check ins" as he called them.

Because of him, I understand what it means to be truly authentic. I have witnessed a true disciple at work. I have felt immense love and care. I have laughed so hard, I have been given the freedom to cry without judgement, and I have been loved because he chose to love me.

He is one of the true great men in my life and my world just seems a little more empty without him.

He also gave me hope. And I smile because I know without a doubt he is telling A stories tonight. Stories of battles in the civil war, stories of humor, stories of his momma as a little girl.

I will miss the hugs, I will miss the laughter, I will miss him updating me on his girls, but most of all, I will miss his love.
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