Aidan Thomas

Our most wonderful surprise. Our "Olive". Our precious boy. Our firstborn. Our angel.

For 21 weeks he blessed us. As he grew and developed so did we. We became parents. For reasons we will never truly know while we are on this earth, 21 weeks was all the time he needed. He literally left my body at the exact moment he entered God's kingdom. 5:38 pm on September 4th, 2011. Perhaps, the most defining moment of our family's lives. Aidan earned his angel wings and at that exact moment his legacy took off. By telling our story we are spreading awareness, healing and most importantly sharing our faith. Aidan's purpose was to change my story. I have heard it said that having a child is life altering. There simply aren't words to describe just how altering it is to continue living without that child.
His Daddy's Feet
He was so tiny. Yet so perfect.
Our first family picture

My baby boy.
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