Thursday, October 13, 2011

A legacy

Four years ago there was a man who walked this earth. Tonight is the four year anniversary of what was his last night on earth and he spent it in the desert. Away from his family and his fiance. He spent it fighting and protecting what most American's take for granted everyday. That man is Tom Martin. His sacrifice forever changed my world.

Tonight I was honored enough to stand beside his family and serve our community to raise funds for his foundation. Four years later and he is still making a difference. All because of the strength of his amazing family.

When we found out that we were having a boy, I immediately envisioned what he would look like, how he would act and what I wished for his future. I knew the kind of man I would want to raise him to be. Evan and I agreed that the name Thomas had such a lasting legacy we wanted it to continue. Hence our boy became Aidan Thomas. He would be strong. He would be committed. He would be proud. He would make a difference. I had no idea just how quickly he would accomplish all of these things.

I now believe there is another reason we chose Thomas. It's yet another example of God's presence being all over the life and legacy of Aidan. It drew me closer to Tom's mom, Candy.

A woman who knows what it is like to bury her first born. To fight everyday to keep him present and to ensure that his legacy has a lasting impact. When we left tonight after countless hugs and only a few tears, I looked at Evan and said I hope to one day have that much strength. I heard her tell Tom's story with such pride. Only the pride a Mom could feel. I now realize there is another reason I have felt so drawn to my beloved Martin's.

I chose Thomas so that I would have a shining example of how to be a mom to an angel named Tom.

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