Saturday, November 12, 2011

A shift

I had a good day.

A good day. Used to when I would have a day like today I would wish for more. I couldn't just be satisfied and thankful for the present blessing. I was already planning the next one.

Since Aidan was born this is yet another thing he changed in me. When I sat down to write to him tonight I realized the shift. I wanted to thank him for each moment because I now realize the next ones aren't guaranteed.

And the ones that do grace my world have to hold me through the really really dark days.

So. I am thankful to have spent such a great day with my sister. To have never lulled in conversation. To have never had our fill. Because you see my sister and I are night and day. But on days like today we bring out the best in one another. We click. We are a perfect match.

When I say it was a good day some may think that means I didn't think about Aidan. Maybe not feel the loss. That just simply isn't true. It was such a good day because he was present all day. I felt like he was close by. Just around the corner watching his Momma and Aunt Staci. He is more present on the good days rather than the rough ones. The rough ones are usually because he feels so far away!

So tonight I am thankful. I was blessed with a day with my sister, my nephew and Aidan.

Oh, and I have found the inspiration for his Christmas tree. I can't wait to share it!

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