Tuesday, May 8, 2012

All because of this

Why do we do the things we do
How can we sing when there seems no reason to
How do we smile when there's not much to smile about
When the world is down who are we to stand and shout

It's all because of this
It's all because of this
We've tasted love, tasted hope, tasted holiness
  • Because he changed everything for me.
  • Because I am his voice.
  • Because I miss him with every ounce of my being.
  • Because he matters.
  • Because he lived.
  • Because he died.
  • Because there is a promise that I will see him again.
  • Because of him, I am moving mountains (even if it is only a spoonful at a time.)
  • Because I found my voice.
  • Because he inspires such strength.
  • Because he weighed 14.6 ounces.
  • Because he was 10 5/8 inches long.
  • Because his heart beat.
  • Because he never took that first breath.
  • Because he inspires others.
  • Because he has drawn my family so close together.
  • Because he is the daily reminder of what life is really about.
  • Because of him, I treasure each and every day.
  • Because of him, the highlight of this day was giving Carter a bath.
  • Because Carter knows they are Aidan's feet.
  • Because of all the mothers that I now call friends.
  • Because our children are friends in heaven.
  • Because I cannot stop the next mother from joining this club.
  • Because one day an Incompetent Cervix will not be a death sentence.
  • Because one day I will hold another child in my arms.
  • Because they will know they have an older brother.
  • Because he is amazing.
  • Because he has done more in eight months than I could have ever done in my own lifetime.
  • Because I see him in his Daddy.
  • Because people don't understand.
  • Because people keep trying.
  • Because he made me a mother.
  • Because he changed it all.

Because of him.


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