Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to one of the most dedicated mothers I know. Aidan is as blessed to have you as you are to have him.

Happy first mommy's day Tara Bear! I know Aidan is sending kisses to you!

I hope this was a joyful Mother's Day, where you felt at peace knowing your angel was smiling at you.

Love you!

Happy Mother's Day! I know it is hard to celebrate without A in your arms. Your sweet angel wants you to celebrate being his amazingly strong and courageous mommy! You are such an inspiration to so many people, you have more strength than an army!

Happy Mother's Day to you! You are a beautiful woman whose heart is filled with magic and love! You quite simply amaze me! I'm sure this isn't how you imagined you first Mother's Day, but you are a beacon of light and pillar of faith. God has amazing things in store for you. He chose a true loving mothers for the mission he has you on. Continue as your have. I am truly amazed. Much love and Christ's peace to you today!

Happy Mother's Day Tara. I just want you to know that I think you had the heart of a mother long before Aidan came. You were a mom the day you showed up at ACH without being asked so he could have someone there for him...even though he didn't even know what was going on, and the day you held him because I couldn't. Aidan has the best mommy in the world. Just know he is very proud of you today. So celebrate being your son's mom and do it proudly, because I don't know anyone who deserves it more than you. Love you!!!

Sending a special Happy Mother's Day to one of the best Momma's I know!

Happy Mother's Day Tara! I know I don't know you well, but I have followed your story from day one and you have such an inspiration to me after the loss of my baby in March 2010. I think about you often. All of your blog post always hit so close to home like you took the feelings right from me! I don't know where are you are in your journey as far as trying again but I will pray for you always. I feel so blessed right now but the worry never ends. It's definitely been a roller coaster! You are one of the strongest woman and what you're doing for your little boy is truly incredible. Thank you for being so open and sharing your feelings with the world. You're probably touching more lives than you'll ever know. Again, Happy Mother's Day.

Happy Mothers Day to the toughest mommy I've ever met. Love you.

Happy mommy day to you sweet friend. Xoxo.

Happy Mother's Day, Tara. I hope today is just what you need it to be. Love you.

I really wasn't sure what this day would bring. The days leading up to it were agonizing. Full of memories, full of the dreams that will never be, lots and lots of tears.
The day itself was just numbing. That's the only word I know to describe it. The tears didn't fall like I thought they would. The emotions didn't break through. I just fumbled my way through the day. The above statements were sent to me throughout the day. These were instances that insured that I took that next breath.
I didn't expect anything from the day. I didn't expect anything from anyone. I just hoped that someone/anyone shared an ounce of compassion. Between the hugs at church, the cards from Em, Mom and Ev, and the above love I got just that.
It is a day that is unlike any others. They are all hard. This one for a different reason. Christmas, birthdays, Easter. All days about family. Aidan's absence is felt, but its not the focus. This day was entirely focused on that. Each of the 1440 minutes in the day were about him and how he wasn't there.

Thankfully, I was able to smile and remember the moments he was.

And that made my first mother's day perfect.

When I’m all alone
or in a crowd.
In a quite place
where musics loud.
When I’m on the road
or in the other room.
That’s how you know
I’m thinking of you.
Where the flowers grow
where the leaves turn brown.
Where the sun is hot
where the snow falls down, down.
Where the clouds are gray
and the sky so blue.
That’s how you know
I’m thinking of you.

 I’m thinking of you
that’s all i do, all the time.
You’re always the first and the
last thing on this heart of mine.
No matter where i go or what I do
I’m thinking of you.
And the memory of
who I used to be.
What I cared about
before you came to me…baby
Every selfish thought
all I thought I knew.
Has been replaced
with thinking of you.
Always thinking of you….yes I am……
~Dierks Bentley

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