Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bikers, Leather, Engines and Aidan

What if your hardest day was your first? What if it was your only?

My sweet sweet Aidan. One day. I held you in my arms for one day.

Each and every day since I spend searching for ways to honor you. Ways to be close to you. Ways to make the distance feel not so far.

More often than not, the true moments are complete surprises.

Tonight was no different.

We are this year's ambassador family for Bikers for Babies. Tonight, we attended Bike Night and the pre-registration event. I knew that something was planned. I could have never imagined what was about to happen.

Travis pulled us up on stage. He shared a part of Aidan's story. He asked all of the bikers to send a message to Aidan, making sure he knew the amount of love we have for him. And then this magical ear splitting moment happened. 1,000 plus motorcycles revved their engines simutaneously. And it went on forever.

Never in a million years, did I think I would feel him there. Standing on that stage, looking at this massive crowd. Standing beside Evan and knowing he was willing to stand there with me. Looking at Travis and seeing his eyes well up. Looking out and seeing my March of Dimes Family laughing and smiling through their tears, I felt him. In the breeze. In the rumble of the engines. In the faces of those people who had no idea the impact they were making. I felt a piece of A. I missed him with such ferocity, but I felt him.

Nothing could have topped that moment. Until we stepped off stage and complete strangers came to hug us. To share their stories. To share how they were so grateful to finally meet Aidan's parents because they had been touched by his life. His life, not his death. But, his life.

It caught me completely off guard. It was this glorious moment though. One I will treasure and am so thankful for.


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  1. I'm so glad so many honored your sweet boy with you! That's such a great memory! ! :)


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